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We want to make the world a better place while empowering people and awaken their true potential to Iive their best lives.

We strive to give people the tools to transform themselves from the inside out and to learn how to find happiness in even the most mundane things.


Our mission is rooted in honesty and integrity while our approach in environmentally-conscious professional and personal transformations.

Our new office in Barcelona

Our projects

Our aim is to transform the world from many different angles. To accomplish this we have established an online program geared towards personal and professional self-transformation.


We also offer in-person retreats and workshops that are intended to give you a more tangible experience, designed to help you connect with your true self and work towards self-realization. These retreats and workshops are situated in places that inspire letting go of inhibitions and completely immersing yourself in the experience.


Our most recent project is the launch of our NGO, Women Going Beyond, which was created with the intention to bring our message of women empowerment to the young women of SouthEast Asia. This NGO focuses on giving education and self-improvement resources to women in rural Cambodia in hopes that they can create opportunities for themselves that otherwise would be unattainable.

Meet Alexis Alcalá

Alexis is the founder of InnerCamp, a global community of people trying to better the world through empowerment and self actualization.


He is also a certified transformation coach who intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential so that they feel empowered to unleash that potential into their lives and world.

InnerCamp´s vision

Our primary aim is to enable each individual to develop wellness and embrace not only positivity, but also a firm belief in themselves and abilities.


We guide you towards identifying and achieving your life goals, whether you are a young girl in Cambodia trying to get an education, a CEO struggling to take your company to the next level, or an individual who feels that their life has no direction or purpose.