Conscious retreats for your holistic health

InnerCamp is a global community of people working to better the world through empowerment and awakening everyone’s true potential to live their best lives. 

We create environments that are inclusive and where everyone is accepted.

Our mission

InnerCamp literally translates to a camp within you. 

To accomplish this we create inspiring experiences to help you connect with your true self and work towards self-realization.

Our retreats will take you on a deeply healing and transformative journey where you will improve your holistic health.

Our dream

We are here to offer people resources to create their most extraordinary lives and transform them from the inside out by learning how to improve their self-love & self-acceptance, build stronger relationships, find their path and true calling, and enjoy life to the fullest with gratitude and belief.

Our tools

Our retreats are based on encouragement to trust the authenticity people have been born with.

Combination of breathwork, yoga, meditation, tantric practices, positive psychology, ecstatic dance and other wellness activities are meant to kick start transformative change and create space for new positive energy.

We are proud to be a member of the International Breathwork Foundation.

Our locations

All events take place in tranquil and spiritual locations that inspire letting go of inhibitions and completely immersing yourself in the experience.

Our global network of trusted teachers and masters of mindful disciplines is the core value of InnerCamp. But it all started as a self-discovery journey of one man...

Meet Alexis Alcalá

 founder of InnerCamp 

Certified executive and personal coach who intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential so that they feel empowered to unleash that power into their lives and the world.

Alexis’ work revolves around people management in different spheres of life. He has worked with different companies across Europe, Africa and Asia as a trainer, mentor, manager and coach.


He is someone whose life graph took an astounding turnaround when he changed his own life with the method he created. Based on the transformation he underwent and the benefits he obtained from it, Alexis has made his mission to transmit this knowledge to anyone who needs it, and to present it with honesty and transparency.

We give back


of our revenue goes to charitable giving

Our most recent project is the launch of our

NGO "Women Going Beyond",

created with the intention to bring our message of women empowerment to the young women of SouthEast Asia. This NGO focuses on providing education and self-improvement resources to women in rural Cambodia in the hope that they can create opportunities for themselves that otherwise would not be available.

Join us for a transformative retreat in Spain or Asia!

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