Online Healing Breathwork session for grounding with Lisa Jorgensen

The opposite of LOVE is FEAR. Love opens you up. Fear confines you to an internal prison. Think of your life. Every act, word spoken (or unspoken), decision you make (or don’t make), is born either from fear or love.
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 Online Healing Breathwork session for grounding with Lisa Jorgensen


Jan 09, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM GMT+1
Online Breathwork Session

About the Event

The opposite of LOVE is FEAR. Love opens you up. Fear confines you to an internal prison. Think of your life. Every act, word spoken (or unspoken), decision you make (or don’t make), is born either from fear or love. Some even fear love. When we begin to understand and feel through our fears, then learn to love them, we can break free from our prisons.

🌟 This session is facilitated by an InnerCamp student Lisa Jorgensen.


Healing Breathwork is a very powerful technique for releasing stored emotions from the past, detoxifying your body on a deep level and restoring your vibrant flow of vital energy.

Where, when, how:

☀️ ONLINE, via Zoom

☀️ Duration: 1.5 hrs

☀️ Time: 06.00pm - 07.30pm (CET)

You don't want to miss the session, so please check your time zone!

☀️ You will receive the Zoom link after registering for this event.

What is this event about?

Healing Breathwork is one of the most powerful self-healing techniques that anyone can practice.

Healing Breathwork is a technique that involves connecting the inhalation with the exhalation in a gentle, relaxed rhythm.

By connecting the breath, the body is flooded with fresh oxygen and prana ("life force") and you can tap into the natural healing system of the body.

You get the opportunity to release stored emotions from the past, detox your body on a deep level, and transform blockages into bliss and natural flow.

Properties and benefits of Healing Breathwork:

♦️ a potent and safe healing modality

♦️ gives access to your authentic self and inner wisdom

♦️ a way to deepen the connection to creativity, joy, and willpower

♦️ has the capacity to transform trapped emotions into acceptance, forgiveness, love

♦️ clearing mental patterns at their root cause

What does a Breathwork Circle look like?

You will be guided into a higher state of consciousness using Breathwork. Any trapped emotions or traumas will rise to the surface, to be expressed or cleared away from the body; leaving you feeling empowered, alive, and cleared from stored up emotional and mental patterns. Imagine, that a simple tool, such as a guided Breathwork can transform insecurity, feelings and thoughts of unworthiness, into security, and self-confidence within! This practice can help you to move beyond fear, contraction, shame, and spontaneously become joyous about your life!

Your Facilitator - Lisa Jorgensen.

Lisa was in a touring band for 12 years. She went to university and became a scientist. She taught conservation to grade school students and she worked in the service industry for 20+ years. She definitely overstayed her welcome, as it became uninspiring, mundane, and soul-sucking. She was filling everyone else’s cup but hers. She began attending breathwork ceremonies in March 2020 and that completely transformed her life. In one session a message came through—feeling unsure and scared, she finally answered the call to invest in herself-her journey. She completed the breathwork facilitator training with InnerCamp in December 2020.  Along with breathwork, other healing modalities she is passionate about are: yoga, meditation, self care, journaling, sound baths/music, earthing, plant medicine, cacao, nature, moon rituals, and dance.   Lisa is an ESL teacher, healing breathwork facilitator, spiritual scientist, and Jedi in training. She loves learning. She is her own experiment. She’ve been told by many people she is easy to talk to. She talks to herself a lot so she also knows this to be true. So come hang out with her. Breathe with her. Let’s vibe!

!! Do not practice breathwork techniques if operating heavy machinery or driving. If you have high blood pressure or any serious medical conditions then please seek medical supervision from your doctor before participating in breathwork therapy. We cannot take liability for any harm caused. Please don´t try Breathwork if you have any of the following: high blood pressure, acute somatic and viral diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD-II and COPD-III), chronic diseases with symptoms of decompensation or terminal illness, individual intolerance of oxygen insufficiency, cancer, unless IHT is prescribed by a doctor, people with epilepsy, pacemakers or heart arrhythmias, unless treatment (including IHT) is under direct medical supervision, diabetes, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), low impulse control, extreme paranoia/history of psychotic episodes or history of derealization.

!!! In case your plans change or you would love to replay the session, you will be granted access to the recording (stay tuned for another email from us). Please note the link will expire in 72 hours.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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