Three-day trip. COVID-19 coverage included.

Valid for trips to Spain, Gilbraltar, Andorra, Portugal and South of France.

Travel cancellation expenses

The insurance company covers cancellation costs in case you have to cancel your trip. All cancellation causes are detailed below.

€ 500

Causes for cancellation

For testing positive for COVID-19

If, through the medical tests for coronavirus disease (PCR diagnostic test), the insured person tests positive and therefore cannot travel on the reserved dates, he or she may reimburse the cancellation costs derived from the cancellation of his trip. In addition, the cancellation of a companion, the spouse or family members up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity, registered in the same reservation and insured, will be covered. This cause of cancellation has a limit of € 2,000.

1. Serious illness, accident or death

Due to death or serious illness / accident, in your case as an insured, or of the following people: a relative up to the third degree under 85 years of age, your companion on the trip (also insured), your professional substitute or the person who takes care of your minor or disabled children.

2. Surgical intervention

Unexpected call for a surgical intervention for yourself or for a relative up to the second degree, your companion on the trip (also insured), your professional substitute or the person who takes care of your minor or disabled children.

3. Organ transplantation

If you are called unexpectedly to perform an organ transplant for you, your companion on the trip (also insured) or a relative up to the second degree of kinship.

4. Complications of pregnancy

If complications occur in pregnancy or miscarriage. Deliveries and pregnancy complications are excluded from the seventh month of gestation.

5. Call for a jury

If you are summoned as part or member of a jury, or as a witness in a Court of Justice.

6. Call for polling stations

If you are summoned as a member of a polling station.

7. Presentation to oppositions

If you have to take official opposition exams, convened through a public body after taking out the insurance.

8. Tax obligation

Yes, after contracting the insurance and the reservation, they inform you of the obligation to make a parallel income statement, whose installment to settle is greater than € 600.

9. Police retention

If you are detained by the police for non-criminal reasons.

10. Delivery of the child for adoption

If they give you a child for adoption without you knowing the date of the process before hiring the insurance and the reservation.

11. Divorce proceedings

If you are summoned to manage the divorce proceedings.

12. Signature of official documents

If you are summoned, on travel dates, to sign official documents of the Public Administration.

13. Dismissal

Provided that prior to contracting the insurance there was no verbal or written communication and that it was due to non-disciplinary reasons.

14. Labor incorporation

If you join a new job in a different company, with an employment contract. The incorporation must be after the contracting of the insurance and the reservation of the stay.

15. Job transfer

If you are forcibly transferred from work and for a period of more than three months.

16. Judicial statement

If there is a judicial declaration of suspension of payment of a company, a fact that prevents you from developing your professional activity.

17. Serious damage to your home or workplace

If a serious accident occurs and your presence is essential due to theft, fire or other damage to your habitual or secondary residence, or the professional premises where you practice a liberal profession or of which you are a manager.

18. Declaration of catastrophic zone

If your place of residence, the place of destination of the trip or the place of transit to the destination are declared a catastrophic area, provided that this is the only way of passage. Maximum compensation: € 30,000 for all claims derived from this same cause.

19. Confinement of the insured in medical quarantine

If the competent health authorities, after the registration of the trip, prevent it from taking place, leaving the insured person confined by medical quarantine.

20. Granting of scholarships

If you are awarded an official scholarship that prevents the trip.

21. Cancellation by the companion

If your companion on the trip, who has taken out the same insurance, cancels his trip due to any of the guarantees covered in the policy and therefore you must travel alone.


Material losses

Includes compensation for damage and material loss of luggage or personal effects up to the amount indicated in the event of total or partial loss by the carrier or damage due to fire or assault, or up to € 200 in the event of theft.

€ 600

Delayed baggage delivery

If you suffer a delay of 12 or more hours in the delivery of checked luggage -48h on the return-, the company will pay for the essential products you buy, upon presentation of the corresponding invoices (€ 150 from 12 hours)

150 €

Sending forgotten or stolen objects during the trip

The shipment of objects that have been stolen from you and later recovered, as well as those that you have left forgotten, is covered, provided that the combined cost of said objects exceeds € 120.

€ 120

Medical assistance

Medical expenses due to illness or accident

The expenses of the medical center and the professionals who attend you are covered, including: emergency surgeries, medical examinations and medications during admission. It also covers the treatment of emergency dental problems up to € 120.

€ 50,000

Expenses derived from carrying out the coronavirus diagnostic test (PCR)

If, while traveling, the insured person presents symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 disease and a doctor prescribes a PCR, the expenses of said test will be reimbursed. The purchase invoice for the test and the medical center will be requested, as well as the report.

200 €

Extension of stay due to medical quarantine due to COVID-19

If you cannot return home due to being sick with COVID-19 and find yourself immersed in a quarantine at the destination accommodation, we will take care of the expenses caused by said extension of stay, up to the limit set in the insurance conditions (€ 40 / day).

€ 600

Repatriation or medical transport of the wounded or sick

In the event of an accident or illness during the trip, the insurance company organizes and pays for the transfer to the most appropriate hospital for your needs or to your home. In Europe it also includes medical aircraft.


Repatriation or transportation of the deceased insured

In case of death, the insurance company organizes the transfer of the body to the place of burial and assumes the expenses of the same. Includes the return to your home of two companions -also insured.


Repatriation or transportation of companions

If you have to be repatriated due to illness or accident, the insurance company also organizes and pays for the transfer of two companions to the place of your hospitalization or your habitual residence in Spain.


Early return due to the death of a relative

Covers transportation costs in case you have to interrupt your trip due to the death of your spouse, a brother or an ascendant / descendant up to the second degree of kinship. A second ticket is included for an insured companion.


Early return due to serious loss at home or professional premises

The insurance company will pay the ticket back home for you and a companion, also insured, if there is a serious loss in your home or your professional premises that makes your presence essential, caused by: fire, consummated theft or serious flood.


Displacement of family member due to hospitalization of the insured

If you are hospitalized for more than five days, the company organizes and pays for the round trip of the person you indicate. This will receive, after presenting the corresponding invoices, up to € 60 / day for a maximum of 10 days.

€ 600

Transmission of urgent messages

The insurance company will transmit the urgent messages that you entrust to it regarding claims covered by the insurance.


Opening and repair of chests and safes.

The expenses incurred by the opening or repair of the safe and / or safe of the hotel where you are staying are covered if you lose the key.

175 €


Expenses in the rest area

If the departure of the means of public transport is delayed for a minimum of 6 hours, the additional expenses incurred during the wait in rest areas provided by the venue where you must take the means of transport will be reimbursed (WI-FI, spa, hairdresser, massage ...)

€ 50

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