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How to find resilience during a crisis

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” - Buddha. We are currently living through an interesting time - COVID-19, the polarization of populations, climate issues, and so on. As well, there are the plethora of personal issues we all experience - childhood trauma, loved ones passing, anxiety, depression, and so on. These are all potential catalysts into the world of suffering.

What we sometimes fail to recognize is that each situation is fundamentally neutral. No situation is inherently capable of evoking negative or positive emotions from us; instead, the emotions flow out of us and into the situation. Imagine a roller-coaster without any people on it - the situation is neither positive nor negative; what makes it positive or negative is the energy of those on the ride. “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is.” - Eckhart Tolle.

It’s easier said than done, though. Our objective in this life is to rise out of inherent unconsciousness and to see the universe for what it truly is. A more conscious life should be pursued if we desire a fulfilling life. Breathing techniques are a great way to reach the state of presence and fulfilment and some only take a couple of minutes.

The 20-connected breaths technique

The 20-connected breaths technique is super simple and only takes a couple of minutes and it works extremely well too. It brings you into the present, focused on a task which is breathing properly. This small separation can be what allows you to clarify and resolve whatever situations may be creating negative emotions within you.

Here’s how to do it:

● Sit comfortably, with your hands on your knees with your palms facing the sky.

● Take four quick in and out-breaths through your nose, without pauses.

● Take one deep, full breath in through your nose.

● Repeat this three more rounds (in total, you will be doing four rounds of four short breaths and one long breath, what is equal to 20-connected breaths).

● During the exercise, don't pause. Instead, connect the sequences.

Just like that, you’re more present and fulfilled. Your problems don’t seem so large anymore and you’re able to take a step back and feel the connection between you and the universe.

Connected breathwork

Connected breathwork is the art of creating a continuous circular breathing pattern without much time in between. “20 Connected Breaths” is an example of connected breathwork - the creation of that continuous cycle.

The process should feel comfortable and at no point should you feel as if it is necessary to force breath out, or to force breath in. You should be relaxed while practicing. Listen to your body and focus on what you already inherently know has to be done.

Connected breathwork is the act of recognizing and incorporating the natural flow of life into the present moment. There is no wall in life, there is no prolonged suspension - the flow of life is like a river that connects to itself, never stopping flowing and still retaining a constant circular motion which encompasses all being. You can use these breathwork techniques to fully connect yourself with that process - to see and experience it in its most raw, and beautiful form.

Advanced breathwork

There are many other different forms of breathwork - holotropic, rebirthing, transformational, and shamanic, all with the potential of completely transforming your life. This is possible in one single session. These are all examples of connected breathing, as well. These techniques allow you to formulate an intense focus that brings into light that which may be only residing in the subconscious realm. Why is this important? Your subconscious directly impacts your mood, routines, and actions. If you have a self-limiting subconscious you are living below your fullest potential. The intense focus culminated through breathwork allows you to open the box of unconsciousness and replace the limiting components with ones that instead raise you and others up.

It should be noted that advanced techniques such as holotropic, rebirthing, and healing breathwork should only be conducted (at first) under the supervision of a trained professional. Any powerful tool can be used for the wrong reasons, or used in an incorrect manner. It is recommended to be trained properly before going out on your own and practicing.

InnerCamp School:

At InnerCamp, we offer numerous courses with the intention of giving you 100% of the tools and processes needed in order to effectively and safely practice and facilitate these techniques. You also become 100% accredited upon completion, allowing you to monetize your understanding, by teaching others how to effectively improve their lives through breathwork.

Breathwork teacher training:

Our breathwork teacher training will give you the knowledge to fully understand and apply numerous different breathing techniques. You will be taught by professional facilitators with years of experience in the field. They will teach you how to do the breathwork itself, as well as explaining how you can run your own classes for the good of others. This all takes place during 50+ hours of video lessons, 35 hours of live sessions, and an optional 35 hours of in-person training.

By the end of this course you will fully understand the intricacies regarding breathwork, and how you can monetize your understanding through teaching classes.

Tantra Teacher Training:

If you’re interested in building self-love and/or a stronger relationship between you and your partner, our Tantra Teacher Training is for you. Tantra is based on revealing the connection between yourself and all that is. It is about seeing and feeling yourself in the very fabric of the universe. It is about seeing that deep connection between you and those you love.

Learn Tantra with over 60 hours of live sessions, and over 140 hours of assignments and homework. There is no other course out there that will give you such a thorough understanding of Tantra, and how to successfully implement the techniques to positively impact your life.

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