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The cosmic orgasm: how to raise the Kundalini energy

People often create a divide between spirituality and sexuality. Frequently, the former is put on a pedestal and the latter at the base, lower and insignificant. However, it is important to understand that you can seamlessly make the two work together and often with explosive results. Spirituality and sexuality both have crucial roles to play in living your life to the fullest. So, there is no such thing as unimportant or less significant when it comes to these. You can empower both aspects by raising your Kundalini energy.

What is Kundalini energy?

It is the spiritual, sexual energy coiled at the bottom of your spine, dormant and waiting to be summoned. It can be found near your body’s base, where the root chakra (at the perineum) and the sacral plexus chakra (between the hips) intersect. The root chakra is responsible for survival. So, it is the first chakra that must be energized. It is near the source of Kundalini energy and is the first to be awakened when the power mentioned above rises. The second to be revived is the sacral plexus chakra, which is responsible for sexuality. As the energy continues to go up through your body, it will fire up the other chakras. This will create a full-body reverberation and orgasm. Yes, it is what some may call a cosmic orgasm. It is not only felt in your sexual organs, but it is also experienced all over your body.

Why do you need to raise your Kundalini Energy?

If you have a zest for life, you may not appreciate the reasons behind raising your Kundalini energy. However, be aware that most for most people this energy is stuck and blocked. Most people are not living their lives to the fullest because they doggedly and single-purposely follow the goals they have set for themselves and neglect everything else to achieve these goals.

You need to raise your Kundalini energy because you are currently tapping into only a small percentage of your spiritual and sexual pleasure. You have probably not quite felt the joys that being in full connection with your body and soul can provide you. Not only that, but neglecting your Kundalini energy can result in various mental and physical diseases. In repression and discontent, you may find yourself depressed, anxious, and weak. Motivation may also below.

Raising your Kundalini energy will put you in contact with the powers coming from the cosmic universe. When you achieve it, you will feel love and joy like you have never felt before. You don't even need someone to be there. The universe can tap enough love and joy from your core that can be spread out and felt like a glow inside of you. The healing energy that you can utilize is also an added bonus.

How do you raise your Kundalini energy?

The rise of Kundalini energy triggers pleasure and power throughout your chakras. You will feel a sense of enlightenment that almost makes you feel invincible. It is a strong feeling to achieve, but it is worth it.

One of the first things you should remember is that you should not rush into your Kundalini energy quest. This is a power within you that does not want to be hurried and stressed. Instead, you must be patient and focus on your breathing.

You can raise Kundalini energy through breathing exercises. Breathing exercises and meditations can assist you in channeling your human sexual energy. You can now join one of our breathwork sessions to discover more.

Through these exercises, you can help stimulate and strengthen feelings of sexual arousal. Arousal here does not only seek to satiate the bodily needs, but it is also used to reach other states of consciousness.

When you think about it, breathing does play an essential role during sex. You may not be aware of it while you are engaged in intercourse, but it connects the chakras and the body feels even more alive. Not only that, but your heart is more open to powerful feelings while your mind remains calm and accepting. Be aware of short, incomplete breathing, as it can block the chakras, and therefore, your energy flow.

How do you perform tantric breathing?

You can raise your Kundalini energy through tantric breathing. Below are two examples of doing this:

One, you can breathe through your nose slowly and rhythmically. In yoga, such breathing helps you control your sexual energy. The slower you breathe through your nose, the more effective it is.

Two, you can breathe explosively through your mouth. It can almost be described as panting, but not quite. You must control how you breathe out through your mouth. Managing this type of breathing can be beneficial to males who are about to orgasm during sex. They can exhale air more forcefully while tightening their abdomen. This provides more pleasure for themself and their partner.

Although some people are tempted to use tantric sex for pleasure only, the practice of enjoyment of it goes beyond the physical.

Raising your Kundalini energy can contribute much to your sexual and spiritual journey and it will also get you in touch with your potential for bliss. What you achieve during breathwork or actual sex is often called cosmic orgasm because it helps you feel prolonged pleasure all over your body.

The coiled snake that is your Kundalini energy rises and slithers from your root chakra at the base up to your crown chakra (top of the head). The process connects all your chakras, tapping at all the powers from each one, and then combining them for an explosive experience.

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