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Why should you practice Osho Active Meditations?

There are a plethora of spiritual practices that have been in existence since ancient times - meditation, yoga, breathwork, tantra, prayers, mindfulness, and many more. Throughout the ages, they have served humanity in many ways. They have helped us realize the true nature of reality, understand who we are, and even shape our lives the way we want. Ancient spiritual texts are filled with life-changing knowledge of how you can use these practices for your betterment.

Over the course of time, humans have evolved and today's human beings are quite different than the ones that existed thousands of years ago. Our lives have changed, our way of thinking has changed, as well as our habits, food, and dreams. Osho, who was a spiritual leader, used to say that the modern man is a totally new phenomenon. This is why most traditional spiritual practices and methods are not as effective, if used exactly as they exist. What we need is the evolution of ancient practices to fit our modern needs.

What are Osho Active Meditations?

Noting the need for adaptation of ancient practices in accordance with the modern human being, Osho developed some popular meditation techniques called the Osho Active Meditations. His rationale was that an average person finds it too hard to sit still and meditate for any meaningful amount of time. There are just too many worries and stressors in their mind for them to effectively bring their attention to a single point. This is why so many people give up on meditation before they even begin.

One of the Osho Active Meditations is named Kundalini meditation. This practice takes a person through four stages. The first stage is called shaking, and it involves letting loose and shaking your body. The second stage is called dancing, and it involves dancing as you like. The third stage involves sitting still and observing everything that is happening inside and outside of you. The final stage of the meditation is called lying and involves lying down with eyes closed and letting go of everything.

This meditation technique has deliberately been designed to do that during the first two stages, it allows a person to release blocked energy. This then becomes useful during the later two stages, when they can finally sit still and exist in the present moment.

Why should you practice Osho Active Meditations?

There are many reasons why you should practice Osho Active Meditations. They have been designed for our modern lives and, as such, are more effective. Plus, they have a whole host of benefits for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Let's take a look at these benefits below.

1) Physical Health Benefits

Everything that happens in the body is the result of energy flow. At the center of this flow are the seven chakras that each regulate several organs. When energy gets blocked at any of these chakras, it leads to the development of ailments and health conditions. Meditation acts as the perfect remedy to keep the chakras of your body unclogged and for the unfettered flow of energy in the body. There are many instances where ‘incurable’ diseases have been cured just by releasing blocked energy from the affected chakra.

Osho Active Meditations can prevent the onset of a disease as when you meditate, you are constantly cleansing the subtle energy body that surrounds your physical body. And since diseases often manifest first in the subtle energy body, you can get rid of diseases before they have the chance to manifest in your physical body. So, Osho Active Meditations lead to much better physical health.

2) Mental Health Benefits

Stress, anxiety, and depression have become rampant in modern society. Due to the ever-increasing complexities of life, the average person is under more pressure than ever. All of this can lead to the deterioration of your mental health. Stress and anxiety can be silent killers, and it is essential to manage your mental health.

Osho Active Meditations help to decrease the number of thoughts that appear in your mind. It also allows you to monitor these thoughts so that any negative ones can be discarded. This regulation of the thought process can lead to the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also instill inner peace, calm, and serenity which then leads to better focus on any area of your life.

3) Emotional Health Benefits

Humans experience a whole spectrum of emotions but the daily stressors of life can keep people on the negative side of this spectrum. All of us want to feel happy, blissful, joyful, and relaxed and this is what Osho Active Meditations can help you achieve.

If you keep following these meditation techniques for a long time, you can awaken something called the Kundalini energy - the energy of your life-force. It plays a crucial role in determining how conscious you are as a spiritual being. When awakened or activated, it can raise your level of consciousness. It can also balance your emotions and help you remain blissful without any reason at all. When you achieve this state, nothing in life can hamper your life experience.

4) Spiritual Benefits

Finally, we come to a set of spiritual benefits that all spiritual seekers want to enjoy. As stated above, spiritual texts have revealed to us the true nature of reality. It is well known that the entire universe is just one conscious energy. Humans are part of this universal energy, just as droplets of water are a part of the ocean.

Through Osho Active Meditations, you can experience this eternal consciousness within. For most spiritual seekers, this is the ultimate goal. Those who are able to achieve this state are often said to become enlightened beings. Of course, this takes practice, dedication, and time. However, countless spiritual leaders, sages, monks, mystics, and others have shown that it is possible. As humans, this should be our ultimate destination - the assimilation of the self into the universal ocean of consciousness.

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