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For the past three and a half
months I've been on an 
incredible healing journey,
forgiving and releasing
limiting beliefs about myself
and others, and letting go of
what I don't need in my life. 

I have been working for over
20 years with the breath as
a vocal coach and a singer.
But now I really delved deep
into healing potential of
breathing and it has been

A huge thanks to the InnerCamp 
team and to Alexis for
their hard work & support 
during this amazing process. 

I started the Breathwork Facilitator course at InnerCamp with an open mind. And I was blown away by the high value of the course right from the very first week. Alexis is a great teacher with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. He has a fun and positive energy and teaches in a way that I find very comfortable.
InnerCamp has shown me a new way of life, and a new and deeper level of working with my clients. 
Stephanie Rusthoven
I feel so deeply blessed and grateful finding Alexis & InnerCamp. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity you gave us. This course has changed my life totally and gave me much clarity in so many areas of my life.
I became much more creative. I've learned how to become more vulnerable. I've learned so much about myself, about my goals, about the universe. This course helped me to open my repressed emotions, deal with them and heal. I want to thank Alexis for creating this amazing community, which I think is priceless.
Michael Rahovich
Clio Byrne
I am so proud of myself for jumping on this journey and challenging myself during the past 3 months. Breathing through the resistance, the limiting beliefs, the suffering held in my body and literally freeing myself from all that didn't serve me. Big massive thank you to the amazing Alexis for holding such amazing space and teaching me so much about breathwork and myself.
Marjolein from Bliss Finderz
I have found my tribe! Thank you Alexis for being such a wonderful inspiring guiding light, for bringing us all together, and for creating these phenomenal opportunities for yet more growth and empowerment. Simply incredible.
Amanda D Carroll
Thank you for everything Alexis. InnerCamp is such a blessing. This is the most time and effort I've ever put into myself and personal growth. I regret nothing. I am healing.
Lisa Jorgensen
I loved every part of this course! We not only had a chance to delve deep into breathwork but also into ourselves. The course allows you to learn about various breathwork techniques which I had never seen before and found really interesting and helpful. Our teacher Alexis did a brilliant job, you could truly feel that he and his team at InnerCamp really cared for our wellbeing and wanted us all to have a great experience.
Rita Ferreira
I just wanted to say thank you for your effort, time, support and love. This course has definitely opened so many doors for personal growth and I can't wait to share this beautiful experience with others. I am so grateful to have met some really beautiful people along the way during this journey. It's so beautiful to see everyone break through fears & barriers, and discover amazing parts of themselves, and seeing everyone put the work in to honor themselves but also wanting to acknowledge to help others however it may be.
Chantelle Muir
Big thank you for being such warm souls! Thank you Alexis for putting together this course. It gave a skill for life and some experience that helped me find solutions and abilities to make my work much more valuable!
Vadim Turcanu from UncageX

I went into the Healing Breathwork Course from InnerCamp with the idea of just expanding upon my current Pranayama knowledge, maybe just add to the technique repertoire.

It was and is so much more than just a quick add on to current skills. It completely flips the script. You don't just expand your current knowledge, you expand your consciousness! Who wouldn't want that?

Alexis from InnerCamp is an absolutely beautiful individual and soul and he made sure each course participant felt welcomed and supported during the entire process. He is a wonderful guide and teacher.

I appreciate the way how we were encouraged not to think inside the box. To use the rules as guidelines and a foundation, but essentially to think outside the box, explore the limits of our creativity and unlock our intuition.

I have already benefited greatly from the course on a deep personal level, as well as the way I engage with people around me. My clients definitely feel this change.

InnerCamp and it's pioneers are absolutely wonderful and terrific and if you are serious about healing yourself and others on a deeper level, from inside out, I would definitely recommend their services and courses.


John-Willy Pelser

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Alexis has been my life couch for almost 2 years now. Sometimes we talk every week and sometimes I don’t talk to him for months. But I know he will be always there for me when I need his support and shine my life even in the middle of darkness. It’s great to have someone who really understands you and gives you some professional help as it’s soooooooo hard to find the right person who you can trust as a life coach.
Lily Karasawa
I had a breathing session with Alexis and I felt guided and accompanied throughout the session, at all times I knew what I had to do and what was going to happen. Alexis is an incredible professional, I will repeat, SURE!
I absolutely recommend him.
If you need a change in your life, and you don't know where to start, this is your place.
Montse Pablo

I had an amazing coaching session with Alexis which really triggered a lot of positive energy in me! Not only did it mentally and spiritually calm me, it also convinced me that learning to embrace these techniques may become one of the most graceful and grace filled practices we can do in such times where COVID-19 changes our normality!

I highly recommend the amazing service, the experience and the end results.

Inam Haq
The most profound experience was during shamanic breathwork sessions where I ended up in an altered state of consciousness where I could heal past traumas, remember trapped emotions, and experience a deep sense of knowing, among other things. The sessions were awesome, the vegan food was amazingly delicious and the location was fantastic! Looking forward to the next retreat.
Ilja Alexander
I had wanted to try the rebirthing technique for a long time and it has been impressive. Alexis takes care to resolve all doubts before starting the session and makes you feel very comfortable. The music and his words guide your breath towards an inner journey that can be very transformative. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to break free and discover their most authentic self.
Some time ago I was in a workshop with Alexis and it was incredible, I did not expect that techniques he used were so powerful. Then I went to a retreat with him and other facilitators and it was even better, it was a very unique experience. I realized things that I had never seen / thought about. It was a true celebration of life, with many activities, with great food and with very nice people. I absolutely loved it!
Javier Palace

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