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Women Going Beyond is an NGO founded and created by Alexis Alcalá.

Cambodia ranks #93

for gender inequality in the world

WGB has started to tackle the issue of gender inequality in Cambodia initially with the hope to extend our efforts to other parts of south-east Asia.


One of the biggest obstacles facing women in Cambodia is their lack of education. Women are not seen as important to educate. They are expected to assume household duties, are sold into human trafficking or have to migrate for work, often ending up in prostitution.

To give young women in rural areas of south-east Asia the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. By giving them the skills to give them the confidence to find a well-paid job and can find financial freedom. With education and employment skills, these women can escape the injustice that surrounds them and can lead a happier, more successful life.
On young women aged between 14 and 18 years old in rural communities. They lack the self-esteem, support and resources to feel empowered and encouraged to study. By providing them with the essential employment skills such as literacy, vocational English and financial skills they can learn how to support themselves and get out of the poverty cycle.
Open-mindedness, altruism, courage and compassion. We believe in the potential of people, transformation and female empowerment​.
To ignite change. Not only in the minds of women but also in the minds of relatives and male community who do not allow young girls to develop and flourish as individuals.


Women Going Beyond has created an online learning platform (Learning Going Beyond) that gives young women access to education.
These courses are available through a mobile app and are available offline. This means that women in rural areas with limited internet can still use them. Learning Going Beyond offers different courses on the platform. Students can choose which path they want to follow and take courses that will help them achieve their goals.
We are working with some local companies to understand their requirements for employees. This way we can make sure that the learning material we provide covers professional skills required to be employed.
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IN 2020


Women Going Beyond relies entirely on donations from companies, other nonprofits, government agencies/departments, and international institutions.


100% of donations made to WGB go towards strengthening our mission and goal.


Through donations, we can increase the number of courses on our platform, invest in more training materials, hire more educators and much more.

Every single donation can make a huge difference in the lives of these young women, and a small amount goes a long way.


 We are always looking for volunteers to help us in all areas of the organization.


You too can become a volunteer today and be part of a female empowerment project.